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The menu at Kaori includes a wide variety of unique Kaori Rolls rice-less and wrapped in lettuce;  including a version made with Bresaola Wagyu Beef, Caciotta DI Bufala Cilento, Iceberg, Mango, Giusti Balsamic and Truffle Honey ($26). Ingredients like Fresh Norwegian Salmon, Fresh Yellowfin Tuna and Jamon Paleta Iberico Bellota can also be ordered. Sashimi, ceviche and tartar ($11-$18). Variations of Brocheta. Vegetable Tempura; Green and White Asparagus, Scallions, Baby Beets, Baby Zucchini and Baby Carrots. Pastas like the Fagottini Stuffed with Caciotta White Truffle of Alba Piemonte served in Pistacho of Bronte Sauce ($12).  Sushiotto is a signature section at Kaori that harmoniously combines risotto and fresh fish ranging from a saffron essence to a rich calamari ink ($18-22). For a grand finale, desserts include a vegan option, Kaori exclusive sorbettos and an explosive Chocolate Cake ($12).

Kaori is an intimate setting where guests ignite their senses through the hypnotizing sounds, technology, beauty, taste and scents.  There are 12 tables inside the restaurant seating a total of 24 with an additional 6 seats behind the interactive Chef’s Table for a memorable experience by the one and only, Chef Walter Martino.  A lounge area is also outside the restaurant where guests are welcomed to order from the menu.

Kaori is only open for dinner from 6- 12 AM. Closed Monday.

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