Chef Walter Martino

Italian celebrity chef Walter Martino, who is known as the “Million Dollar Chef” for creating the most expensive plate in the world, is the executive chef at Kaori by Walter Martino.  In order to raise the sensations of fine dining to amazing new heights, Chef Walter likes to utilize alchemy and beauty to awaken all five senses.  The culinary industry is experiencing a revolutionary new wave of haute cuisine and gastronomic vanguard, and Chef Walter is a pioneer in this movement.


Multimillionaires, celebrities, royalty, and other discerning diners have enjoyed Chef Walter’s luxurious culinary dishes and the experience he provides around them, which include specially designed serving dishes.  Now South Florida residents and visitors will be able to enjoy Chef Walter’s haute cuisine combined with a 360-degree experience, which will tantalize all five senses.  The 360-degree experience will feature cutting edge cinematography technology, art, ambient music and scents, and special seating.  However, the star of the experience will always be Chef Walter’s haute cuisine made from the freshest, high quality ingredients.  Not only are Chef Walter’s dishes gorgeous feasts for the eyes, they are also luxurious gourmet treats for the senses.  Patrons are sure to experience a truly stunning gastronomic encounter.