The menu at Kaori includes a wide variety of unique Kaori Rolls rice-less and wrapped in lettuce;  including a version made with Bresaola Wagyu Beef, Caciotta DI Bufala Cilento, Iceberg, Mango, Giusti Balsamic and Truffle Honey ($26). Ingredients like Fresh Norwegian Salmon, Fresh Yellowfin Tuna and Jamon Paleta Iberico Bellota can also be ordered. Sashimi, […]

Kaori’s cocktails were curated by Nick Nistico who effectively created programs for companies like Volver by Chef Jose Garces and the Regent Cocktail Club in Miami. Nick, who was also named one of the “Top 10 Bartenders in the world” by Travel Magazine, managed to capture the essence of Kaori’s immersive dining experience.     Cocktails are […]

Italian celebrity chef Walter Martino, who is known as the “Million Dollar Chef” for creating the most expensive plate in the world, is the executive chef at Kaori.  In order to raise the sensations of fine dining to amazing new heights, Chef Walter likes to utilize alchemy and beauty to awaken all five senses.  The […]

Kaori surrounded in a cutting-edge, 360-degree cinematography projection. Broken through by vivid 360-degree projections of art — both still and moving — that make your experience entertaining before the food even comes out.  Kaori is a marriage of food and technology – temperature, scents, projections and ultimately, trickery of the mind and palate. This 360-degree […]

Today we launch our new KAORI Blog! Behind the scenes, our team has been working hard to bring you the best foodie experience possible. Plus, we would like to use this blogging format to interact, create, and explore with you all. We hope you stay tuned to our first real post. Please share with us what topics you […]