Guía Ibiza: Los Grandes Chef Opinan. Ibiza tiene mucha conexión con Miami, es mi casa y el lugar donde me inspiro, por eso quiero proyectar la idea de este nuevo restaurante desde la isla […] Me gusta mucho la isla y es mi fuente de creatividad.

Ibiza Style: WM The Million Dollar Chef in Ibiza. In that exclusive universe reserved for a mere handful of mortals the Italian chef Walter Martino is completely at home. A veritable icon of deluxe gastronomy, this winter he presented on the island his new restaurant: Kaory by Walter Martino, and establishment that opened in Miami […]

Pacha Magazine: Who Is Walter Martino? Presume de dibujar y diseñar sus propios platos y confiesa que no está acostumbrado a trabajar entre fogones, “me gusta cocinar, pero odio la confusión y el estrés”, explica. Así es Walter Matino, un chef atípico que adereza sus creaciones no solo con especias, sino con joyas y esculturas de […]

30 May

Miami Curated The verdict is out…….Kaori by Walter Martino hosted an eye popping subscriber event last week in a setting with constantly changing digital art – from spring flowers and butterflies to framed fashion photos and chandeliers that could have been secreted from a grand hotel ballroom. Thanks to the chef,  the lucky 15 subscribers […]

Shireen Spotlight Kaori isn’t just a restaurant, it’s this incredible kaleidoscope of food, art and technology fused into a beyond-surreal dining experience. It’s so amazing and unusual — it’s like nothing I’ve ever encountered before. Before Spotlight, I had heard A LOT about Kaori, but I couldn’t really wrap my mind around what some food […]

Think Magazine Miami dining will never be the same after a culinary adventure at Kaori.

3 May

Doral Magazine KAORI BY WALTER MARTINO Prepare to go on a dining adventure unlike any other at Miami’s latest revolutionary Journey of The Senses by Chef Walter Martino. Guests will be spellbound by the surroundings: 360-degree cinematography walls paired with magnetic music. Italian and Japanese in uences fuse to create pioneering and stunning dishes crafted […]