3 May

Doral Magazine KAORI BY WALTER MARTINO Prepare to go on a dining adventure unlike any other at Miami’s latest revolutionary Journey of The Senses by Chef Walter Martino. Guests will be spellbound by the surroundings: 360-degree cinematography walls paired with magnetic music. Italian and Japanese in uences fuse to create pioneering and stunning dishes crafted […]

Thrillist All of the restaurants on this list are now part of our ongoing quest to find this year’s best new restaurants in America, and we’re combing through every opening in every Thrillist city. Get involved on Instagram — #BestRest2016 — to let us know your picks and your favorite dishes at each of these […]

26 Apr

Boca Magazine If ever there were Seven Wonders of the Culinary World, the seven courses of the Journey of the Senses Explorer tasting menu at Kaori by Walter Martino(1250 S. Miami Ave., Miami, 786/805-6006) would comprise the whole list. Each course was more extravagant than the next—featuring Italian and Japanese elements in the most innovative […]

south florida Italian chef Walter Martino, dubbed the “Million Dollar Chef” for selling one of his custom-designed plates adorned in gold and diamonds to the prince of Dubai for one million euros, has unveiled his very first restaurant in Brickell.

11 Mar

abc10 Florida tourism is red-hot. In 2015, the Sunshine State welcomed more than 100 million visitors, a U.S. record. Many of them visit in March and April, for spring break, baseball spring training or the chance to escape northern climes before winter’s grip lets go. USA TODAY’s Ashley Day, James Riley and Nancy Trejos look […]

biscayne times More upscale restaurants are popping up in Brickell. Continuing the newest trend of uber-expensive restaurants in the neighborhood, chef Walter Martino a.k.a. the “Million Dollar Chef,” hopes to up the game with a full-sensory experience of edible sprays and immersive art at Kaori (1250 S. Miami Ave., 786-805-6006). Keeping true to his name, Martino […]

Mitch And Mel One of the things I love most about dining out is the experience. Recently, I read an article online that reinforced that we should spend our money on experiences rather than material possessions. Studies have shown time and again that these are what bring true happiness to our lives. With that said, […]